Site update!

Just a quick, way-overdue update to the site (which I had very nearly forgotten about) now that I’m regularly putting books out! My books page is updated with everything I currently have out, and I did some tweaks to the site style and mailing list signup as well.

I have no specific plans to have anything new out soon; after putting out three books in 2021, I’ll be focusing on my other pen names for a while. But I really appreciate the great response, especially to Wolf County! I’m thinking about turning that one into an Alaska werewolves series. I’ll see how things go in 2022!



Hello! Welcome to my site! Not much here yet. Hopefully there will be more soon; I have two novellas and a novel currently in revisions.

Just FYI, all my posts are going to show up having been written by Lauren Esker (one of my other pen names) because that’s how my WordPress settings are set up, and I can’t find a way to change names on a per-site basis – it’s all or nothing. So Lauren is me; Mar is also me.